Carmel United Methodist Church

The church has had fifty-three pastors during its lifetime. Three sons of the church have gone into the full time pastoral ministry: Frank O. Favors, William T. Caldwell and Hugh Pope.

Many improvements have been made to the church facilities. The church’s basement was dug out and finished. The interior of the church was updated with sheet rock, hardwood floors, carpet and blinds. A Fellowship Hall, with restrooms was built and dedicated in 1993.  A concrete picnic table and shelter were added in order to house Homecoming dinners and other outside events.


Our History

Sunday Activities
Sunday School......10:00 a.m.
Worship................11:00 a.m.
Children’s Church held in the Fellowship Hall during worship service.

Wednesday Bible Study
This ecumenical devotional time is conducted with our Mt. Zion friends here every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m.

Third Sundays
Join us after worship in the Fellowship Hall every third Sunday of the month for food and fellowship.

Carmel United Methodist Church was organized and its first records date back to July 22,1840. The deed for the first parcel of church property of one acre is Landlot 215 and its granter was James H. Raven.

In November 1841, the Trustees of the church bought an acre of land Landlot 219. The first church was built on the second parcel of land and was completed early in 1842. The first church was a log structure with frame shutters. Later a better building was erected and used as a church and school building. The present building was later erected in 1870.